Ariel Prado | Mothers, and children, and families, oh my! | Unspecified #29

Ariel Prado on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Ariel Prado is the Program Manager for Centers of Excellence East with the Innovation Law Lab.

This past week about 200 migrants traveling north from the southernmost part of Mexico made it to the United States border near San Diego. These migrants were part of the caravan that the Trump Administration claimed were full of awful people coming to the states to take jobs and harm Americans. Ariel Prado was with them and has a different story.

In this conversation, Prado recounts his time with the people of the caravan in Pueblo, Mexico and why he traveled to commune with them as a member of the Innovation Law Lab.

Learn more about what is happening with the caravan by following events posted to their Facebook page at

You can learn more about and locate the detention centers talked about in the episode at Also, check out

Finally, learn more about the work Prado and the Innovation Law Lab are doing at Or listen to a previous episode with Ramon Valdez, also from Innovation Law Lab.

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