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Blake Miller is CEO at Homebase.AI
Blake Miller is CEO at Homebase.AI

Blake Miller (@ImBmills, TW) describes himself as a simple man who believes technology can solve the world’s problems and it should be discussed over BBQ. What’s hidden in that simple description is decades of experience creating, selling, investing in, and advising a ridiculous number of startups. Blake is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in growth marketing and the Internet of Things. He currently serves as the CEO of Homebase.AI and is a partner at Think Big Partners.

As Accelerator Director at Think Big, Blake championed a smart city initiative in Kansas City, MO. The Smart City corridor stretches 2 miles through downtown KC and equips the city with real-time data used to efficiently deliver basic services. In 2017, the Kansas City Smart Initiative was awarded the Edison Innovation Award.

Also, as a teenager, Blake bought a small pro-wrestling blog and turned it into the webs first, and best source for pro-wrestling news and gossip. Seriously.

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