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Dan Doty is the founder of EVRYMAN
Dan Doty is the founder of EVRYMAN

Dan Doty (@danieldoty, TW) believes that every man can and should be living a more purposeful, connected and fulfilling life. On this belief, he founded EVRYMAN with the intent of impacting generations of men to help them become better men, partners, and fathers. Ultimately, with EVRYMAN, Doty is out to change what it means to be a man in our society: to be in touch with their feelings, wants, and to fully express needs and desires in a supportive culture and community.

Dan is a midwest guy that grew up in the woods hunting, fishing, playing football, working manual labor jobs, and attending more heavy metal concerts than should be legal. Through it all he maintained a keen ability for creating relationships and mentoring. After a couple years teaching 9th & 10th grade in the Bronx, he again started mentoring young men through wilderness expeditions.

However, he got an opportunity he couldn’t pass up in the television industry. He earned a PA role on the wilderness based TV show MeatEater. He quickly carved out a niche for himself producing, shooting and directing outdoor-based shows. When his son was born, he felt a strong urge to do more, and he left it all behind to create EVRYMAN.

Doty now runs EVRYMAN with a couple co-founders and hosts their weekly podcast, The EVRYMAN Podcast.

Listen to The EVRYMAN Podcast at http://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/evrymanpodcast

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