Dr. Damon Heybrock | Direct Primary Care | Unspecified #30

Dr. Damon Heybrock on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Dr. Damon Heybrock is a pioneer in the world of Direct Primary Care.

You may have noticed that the health insurance world is in utter chaos right now. Costs are way up, service is way down, and satisfaction is at an all-time low. People are hacking their way around and through it in an effort to get an appropriate level of care. The Direct Primary Care concept isn’t anything new. It’s the way healthcare used to work. Your neighborhood had a family doctor and everyone went to him or her. Costs were reasonable, and relationships were part of the treatment.

Dr. Heybrock, and thousands of physicians like him, believe that old-school approach is superior and can still work. After installing a similar approach for a multi-billion dollar health tech company, Heybrock adapted this unique approach for the general public in Kansas City and started Health Studio (http://www.healthstudiokc.com).

In this conversation, Dr. Heybrock breaks down the differences between traditional primary care and direct primary care, why he believes it is superior, and the results his patients are already receiving through this holistic approach to medicine.

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