Martin Moore | F&%K Fridays! | Unspecified #22

Martin Moore on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Martin Moore is a popular vlogger and photographer.

Few people are born creative, driven, and organized. You usually get 2 of the 3. Martin Moore (@martinmoorejr, TW) was born with all 3.

For someone so visible, and seemingly open, Moore is a bit enigmatic. He’s lived in Milwaukee, WI all his life, but hates snow. He’s a gifted musician but quit music. He’s a talented mechanic but hates cars.

In this conversation, Moore talks about identifying and following dreams, working your ass off, and why Friday’s suck.

Find Martin Moore online at Twitter (@martinmoorejr), Instagram (@martinmoorejr), Facebook (@martinmoorejr), and YouTube (@martinmoorejr). Notice a pattern?

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