Merritt Benz | Shame Resilience | Unspecified #21

Merrit Benz on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Merritt Benz is a counselor teaching shame resilience skills, and a certified Daring Way Facilitator.

Merritt Benz recalls her time in Brooklyn, NY working to keep juveniles out of prison. She would take the train into the most poverty stricken parts of the city, walk through neighborhoods decimated by crime, and into buildings full of families trying to do whatever they could to stay together. In all that, she was able to find humanity, speak truth, and project love.

Today, Benz is focused on equipping individuals, couples, kids & teens with tools to manage shame and all manner of self-doubt. She has studied with Dr. Brené Brown, the creator of The Daring Way™, a highly experiential methodology focused on developing daily practices that transform the way her clients live, love, parent and lead.

Benz is outspoken, but in a way that isn’t brash. Though, she might love foul language more than Eric. She’s also developed quite a practice of writing nasty, often vulgar, letters to her feelings.

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