Nate Jackson | The Working Poor | Unspecified #27

Nate Jackson on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Nate Jackson has spent over a decade fighting for basic rights for people in poverty.

About fifteen years ago someone asked Nate Jackson if he had ever heard of DATA. DATA was an organization started by U2 frontman, Bona, to take on, among other things, the AIDS crisis in Africa. Jackson was intrigued, it was the first time he’d heard of a celebrity doing more than a shout out, a t-shirt, or something fleeting. This changed the trajectory of what he thought would be his career.

Since that time Jackson has spent years advocating on behalf of the working poor, people working their asses off, yet still unable to get ahead for one reason or another. He’s worked to affect healthcare policy, feed people in food deserts, and provide affordable housing. He brings to the conversation not only years of experience but a perspective most of us do not have because he works with people afflicted by this inequality every day.

Learn more about Nate, and his efforts at Reconciliation Services at Also, the book discussed in the podcast, And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic can be found at

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