Steve Wilson & Matt Wertz | Havin’ A Roni | Unspecified #24

Steve Wilson and Matt Wertz on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Steve Wilson is a Grammy nominated producer. Matt Wertz is an indie pop sensation.

Steve Wilson (, IG) & Matt Wertz (@mattwertz, IG) go way back. Matt is an indie pop singer-songwriter darling, and Steve is one of the music industry’s most cutting-edge producers. Matt credits Steve for getting him into songwriting, and Steve produced Matt’s first record. More than 10 records later, Matt is still going strong and touring the globe. Steve has since produced countless records, earned multiple Grammy & Dove nominations, developed dozens of artists, and has just as many songwriting credits to his name.

This podcast was supposed to be two episodes. One with each guest, fortunately, it worked out that both were able to join the same episode. Perhaps there needs to be a follow up one-on-one conversation with each. We dove into the craft of songwriting, the business of music, and what it’s like “havin’ a roni” – thanks Vanilla Ice.

Find Steve Wilson on Instagram at Feel free to let him know that his website needs to be turned on, too. 😉

Find Matt Wertz online at, and @mattwertz on all the socials.

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