Zaid Consuegra | We The Dreamers | Unspecified #26

Zaid Consuegra on Unspecified with Eric Hurst
Zaid Consuegra is a serial entrepreneur and DACA recipient.

Zaid Consuegra (@kcmo_pirate, IG) is a self-made man, and he’s done so with way less than you might think. Consuegra is a serial entrepreneur with three successful businesses to his name. He is also a DACA Recipient now living with the threat of deportation every day. At any moment he could lose his current business, a beloved coffee shop and vegan eatery in Kansas City, MO, by being deported to Mexico, a country he left as a child and knows very little about.

He shares his story, what it’s like living as an undocumented person in America, the fear of registering for DACA, why he’s no longer fearful, and what Dreamers really want from the Dream Act and immigration reform.

Read Zaid’s guest commentary in the Kansas City Star:

Watch Zaid on Your Fellow Americans:,

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